New Construction

  • Client: City Of Brampton

  • Architects: RDH Architects

  • Photograper: Tom Arban
  • Builder: Aquicon Construction Co. Inc.

  • Consulting Engineers: EXP Services

  • Certifications: LEED Gold

  • Timeline: Completed 2017

  • Project Cost: Phase 1- $11.7M Phase 2- $31M

  • Category: Commercial & Office

  • Awards:

    2018 Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award

    2018 The Plan Awards Finalist

    2017 OAA Design Excellence Award

    2016 Brampton Urban Design Institutional Building Award of Merit

Project Overview

This project consists of a 3800 SM Office Building and 4100 SM Workshop situated on a 79,000 SM Site complete with two Administrative Parking Lots and full-scale Works Yard.

This project was completed when LED technology was first introduced to the commercial market. As a result, a mix of LED and fluorescent technology was used. All outdoor lighting utilized LED technology and was connected to the lighting control network by means of remote mounted outdoor relay panels except where sixteen solar powered LED light poles were used at the Fueling & Brine Storage Area. Due to voltage drop limitations on 0-10V dimming circuits, a switching scheme was used to manage energy. Each pole mounted area light contained two drivers to allow for the light levels to be reduced during curfew hours.

A fluorescent lighting system was designed for the building interior complete with automatic time of day and daylight harvesting control with local manual override. The entire length of the 152 m long, two-story lobby was washed with light to feature the warm wood paneling in contrast to the building’s exterior. Cylindrical pendants fill light above the second-floor openings and harmonize with the rhythm of the glass façade. All office lighting was meticulously placed to align with the window mullions strengthening the synthesis between technology and architecture.

Dawn Brown contributed to this project as an employee of EXP Services Inc

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