Renovation & Restoration

  • Client: City Of Hamilton

  • Architects: dpAi, RDH Architects

  • Builder: Kemp Construction

  • Consulting Engineers: EXP Services

  • Timeline: Completed 2012

  • Project Cost: $13M

  • Category: Commercial & Office

  • Awards:

    2012 Best of Canada Design Award-Canadian Interiors

    Design Exchange Award

    2011 Ontario Association of Architects Award for Design Excellence

    Chicago Athenaeum of Architecture and Design, International Architecture Award

Project Overview

The objective of this renovation project was to provide the citizens of Hamilton with a bright new space to gather and enjoy reading and learning. The library and the adjacent farmer’s market were given a refreshing new look forming a new urban landmark in the Downtown core.

Colour-changing LED luminaires were installed on the inside face of the glazing mullions to form a dazzling jewel-box façade. Linear direct/indirect fluorescent lighting was installed below the existing cast concrete waffle structure to foster a sense of spaciousness and establish order in a traditionally cluttered environment. The lines of light flow from the library into the market creating a visual connection between two drastically different environments. At each of the atriums, white globe pendants were installed to mark resting areas. Accent lighting was designed to highlight features such as a tropical aquarium in the children’s area, historic monuments and living wall within the library entryway. The control system was designed to automatically turn lights on and off in accordance with the facility’s annual schedule and to allow for a variety of colour changing light shows across the façade.

Dawn Brown contributed to this project as an employee of EXP Services Inc

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