Renovation & Restoration

  • Client: City Of Hamilton

  • Architects: McCallum Sather Invizij

  • Consulting Engineers: EXP Services

  • Photographer: Jesse Colin Jackson

  • Timeline: Completed 2010

  • Project Cost: $55M

  • Category: Commercial & Office
  • Awards

    City of Hamilton Urban Design & Architecture Award
    Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Office Building of the Year Award

Project Overview

Originally designed in 1968 by the late Stanley Roscoe (City Architect 1951-1960) and designated a heritage structure in 2005. We worked closely with the heritage consultant to ensure the lighting design respected the original character of the building and landscape. To accommodate the needs of the visually impaired, care was taken to control brightness and allow for the eye to adapt when transitioning from bright to dark spaces and vice versa.

The second floor luminous ceiling was refurbished and re-designed to allow for increased service ability and daylight harvesting. A network control system was designed with automatic time of day switching, daylight harvesting and manual override by City staff from any computer connected to their local network.

The site lighting was designed to allow for the detection of danger at a safe distance and the façade lighting was carefully planned so that an elegant glow could be seen from several vantage point: Street level, the neighbouring high-rise buildings and as far away as the top of the Hamilton escarpment.

Dawn Brown contributed to this project as an employee of EXP Services Inc

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